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Best Shampoo to Pass a Hair Drugs Test

Drug testing at work is becoming more and more frequent in all areas of employment. This is especially so in roles where safety is a high priority or businesses that want to check their staff have no abuse issues that can affect their performance.

Why Do Businesses Choose Hair Follicle Tests?

There is a range of options for drug tests available to employers. These include saliva, urine, blood, sweat, and of course hair follicle tests. The hair drug test has become the most used testing system at work for many reasons. It is relatively cheap and simple to take a sample, making it ideal for employers to use in the workplace. It is non-invasive, quick to test on single panel test kits, and has a high level of accuracy.

How Is a Hair Follicle Drug Test Done?

As we’ve said, it is quick and simple, all that is needed for a test sample is a length of hair. Typically, this needs to be one and a half inches long and include the hair follicle. It is very effective as a test as it can detect a wide range of drugs, including prescription medicines, and alcohol, and give a profile of a drug user’s habit.

How Long After Use Will Drugs Show In a Test?

When a sample is being analyzed in the lab, the most common substance that is being looked for is Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which is a residue from smoking cannabis. This can stay in your system for months. There is no specific time frame for how long THC will stay in your system and depends on your level of usage, the strength you smoke, and your body mass.

What can I Do To Pass a Hair Drug Test?

Try searching the internet for answers and you will find many supposed remedies from bleaching to soaking your hair in vinegar. You want an answer that will really work, and this is to use a detox shampoo with a proven track record. Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo with its high success rate, for example.

When you’re told you will face a drug test, the first thing to do is to stop taking any drugs in order to stop any more build-up of residues in your system and stay away from other drug users. If they’re smoking, you’ll inhale their second-hand smoke. This on its own won’t remove the toxins from your hair and scalp. This is when a detox shampoo method comes to your rescue.

The Best Way To Use The Power Of a Detox Shampoo

Regular use of a detox shampoo will clean your hair and scalp of drug residues and toxins, and using Macujo hair detox shampoo for drug test as your daily shampoo will cleanse your hair over time and still leave it healthy and shiny. When you’re made aware that you will face a drug test, using Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo, although effective after two weeks of use, will provide a boost to really help you pass the test.

A specific way to do this is by using the Mike Macujo method. What does this involve? This method combines Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo with baking soda, Clean and Clear Astringent, Liquid Tide, and vinegar. It sounds like a strange mix to put on your hair but it has a high level of success in removing those telltale residues and toxins from your hair and the scalp.

Mike’s Macujo Method- Why Is It Best For Me?

Well, the reviews show it does actually work, and there are lots more reasons to choose Mike’s Method to pass a Hair Drug Test.

It is a cost-effective choice having a modest purchase price. Each bottle contains enough shampoo for up to 15 washes. Using the Mike Macujo Method is effective in two weeks, this gives you enough for it to work in one bottle.

The Aloe Rid shampoo gives a gentle wash that is kind to your hair and keeps it in good condition, so you keep that well-groomed look and hairstyle.

It is not only THC that the Aloe Rid will remove from your hair and scalp, but it will take away signs of many other drugs. If you are a regular or heavy user, swapping your regular shampoo for Macujo Aloe Rid and using it daily means you won’t get caught out when you have a scheduled or random drug test. Failing your Hair Drugs Test won’t happen when you follow our method.

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