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How Hackers Can Save Us From Cyberattacks

Some professions might seem unethical to common citizens. I am refering to “hackers”. However, they play an important role in ensuring safety. They allow us to protect our property, money, and our fundamental rights.

History is full of examples of professionals who have, out of the shadows, changed our society’s course. For example, we can think of Watergate and people such as American journalists Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein who, with the revelations of illegal activities by American Republican Party during the 1972 presidential campaign, managed to overthrow the President of the United States Richard Nixon. They are still the source of investigative journalism, which is now a popular field for professionals in many fields but particularly computer specialists.

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In recent years, these professions, which are linked to security, surveillance and the desire to keep the populace safe, have been a source of inspiration for the film industry. There are films and series that feature journalists, detectives, hackers… The HBO series Mr Robot is a great example of what a hacker’s job entails.

Even for those who don’t have a background in computer attacks, Mr Robot provides a comprehensive overview of the most dangerous viruses and the possible consequences. We can identify the problem and attempt to solve it if we are shown or witness a similar situation.

Although it’s fiction, Mr Robot exposes some of the most serious computer attacks that could occur today. These include Ransomware, Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDos), and also what is commonly known as Social Engineering. This Pandasecurity post provides more details on each of these examples. This post also demonstrates, through Black Mirror another series on technology communication well-known today, many of the dangers and daily attacks we face in an increasingly technological world.

These productions have made it a distant memory to the days when certain professions were not known. The population is much more informed about their professions today, though certain aspects of the work they do must remain private due to the confidential information they share.

It is essential to understand cybersecurity and the dangers that it can pose. This summary by 1and1 provides a concise definition of cybersecurity, as well as a comprehensive explanation of the potential risks and ways to avoid them.

Hackers are becoming more indispensable members of society. Chema Alonso, to whom this post was dedicated in May, said that hackers are becoming more indispensable professionals in our society. “A hacker is far from the negative image that he is often associated with in the media. He enjoys having a deep understanding and control over the inner workings of computers to make them better, and is responsible for expanding the boundaries of the network.” He suggested that cracker or hacker should be used to describe computer criminals. These are the people who make sure that the social synergies we share work properly.

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