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What Is Online Reputation And How To Manage It

The rise of blogs, social networks, websites, and other online content platforms in recent years has been huge. This is why the Internet seems to be a place where freedom of expression seems to be unlimited.

The new Internet environment, where anyone can post, report, or comment on any topic, has given rise to concepts like digital identity and online reputation. These topics have been of particular relevance and are now a matter of concern. Both for individuals and companies.

It is important that information about us and our brands appears on the first page of Google’s search engine. It is important that everyone is aware of and has control over what information is published about them on the network.

What is online reputation?

Online reputation must be understood before digital identity. They are both interrelated concepts that can’t be explained apart from each other, even though they are distinct.

Digital identity refers to the image that we project about ourselves by the actions and behavior we take in the digital realm. However, actions and behaviors outside of the digital world can have an impact on our digital identity. We can include them in the network later. It could also be a third-party, such as an article on a media site, a publication on our profile on a social networking site, or a comment on an opinion website. The digital identity does not depend 100% on you.

Online reputation, on the other hand can be defined as how other users perceive and assess us after evaluating our digital identity.

We could summarize digital identity as the representation of yourself online. It is based on what you do online and what you express online. Online reputation refers to the perception others have of these acts and expressions, and consequently, the status that we enjoy.

What is the importance of a positive online image?

Companies and individuals are becoming more aware of the importance and value of a positive online reputation. This is why they invest more in managing it and controlling it properly.

A good reputation is crucial for companies and brands. It not only helps with sales or contracts of services, but it also helps retain customers, improve positioning, and consolidate the brand image.

Individuals should also control their information on the internet. This information can prove to be crucial in certain situations. For example, when searching for a job, many companies will review your candidate information before hiring you.

What factors determine an online reputation?

Many factors and circumstances can influence our online reputation. Some of these factors are directly controlled by us. However, some of them are dependent on us and are relatively controllable. Others are sourced from third parties and are out of our control.

Your online reputation is largely determined by your profile on social media, the professional website of your company or personal blog. We can maintain a positive image by posting useful information and content on a regular basis, keeping our privacy protected, avoiding conflicts and being ourselves.

The Internet is an open space where anyone can comment and leave comments. However, no matter how well-controlled these spaces are, there’s always the possibility that someone will make a negative comment or publish it.

How can you control your online reputation?

Since everything is already registered, it is natural to assume that what determines an individual’s online reputation more than their behavior and actions is how they behave. Therefore, we need to be careful about what we say and do on the network. There are many resources to help us manage our platforms, including Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Later… These tools allow us to save time programming content, and most of them have reports and statistics to analyze each publication.

We can also search other platforms to see what others have posted about us. These include the Alerts Google or Yahoo, Talkwalker, Foodly, or Social Mention. This tool is becoming increasingly popular for monitoring social networks. It provides an analysis of whether or not someone has said something about them on the internet.

How can we fix online reputation damage?

If we find damages that could adversely affect our online reputation, it is important to know the options available to us. To determine if the problem is serious or merely a matter of reputation, we must first identify what it is. It is best to not answer offensive comments that are only intended to cause harm. If we are able to solve the problem, we can provide an objective and rational answer that shows a sincere and close attitude. It is important to admit mistakes and to apologize.

Sometimes, however, the effects may be more than just a comment or damage. In these cases, we can also exercise our right to honor. We can always use the reporting tools of different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to report these situations.

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