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What Is The Best-Selling Computer Brand

It’s difficult to say which computer brand is the best. Each brand has its own pros and cons. It all depends on how we use the equipment. For example, a good choice for gaming might be an Alienware computer.

Although the tablet and smartphone revolution has dominated the market, some still want a computer. Even programmers, designers and office workers need one for their work.

Lenovo is the top-selling computer brand

The brand of computer is usually associated with its quality. It is very rare for a product to be replaced by a better one if it is of high quality. Lenovo is the most popular brand. They have remained competitive over time with other options and are still the best.

This company was founded in Hong Kong in 1985. Their popularity and market presence reached their peak when they bought the IBM PC division.

HP is a strong competitor in the computer market

They are best known for their printers but they also make computers. It is second in sales and competes with Lenovo to be the number one.

This company’s history has been full of innovation. The company has a wide range of products, including sound equipment, instruments, phones, printers, and software. They know how to adapt their business to meet the changing needs of the times to keep it afloat.

It produces desktop computers as well as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. All this is possible under Windows, the most popular operating system we all know.

There is a Dell for everyone

Dell is not only the best model for any purchasing power but also the definition and embodiment of hard work. In 1983, Michael Dell, the founder of Dell, spent most his time selling his equipment.

These machines weren’t sold in shops; they were sold over the phone or online with each customer. This hard work paid off, today the brand is the third-best-selling computer brand.

Its low cost and high quality make it a popular choice for generic PC use.

This list would not be complete without the Acer

This Taiwanese computer brand, originally called Multitech, was later renamed to Acer. It is currently the 4th most-sold in the world. The Aspire is his most well-known series. It isn’t bad at all. The models that date back to 2010 are still in use and have no defects.

They produce everything, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and hybrids, as well as chromebooks. They are very popular in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. However, they are not as popular in the United States.

Apple computers are a symbol of exclusivity.

Apple is also a well-known brand for computers, as it has been making its products since their inception. Apple computers have been known from the beginning for their expensive prices and exclusive operating system, MAC. They have proved that high-end investments pay off.

It ranks No. It ranks No. 5 among the most popular brands. They are capable of doing almost everything, and they have become a popular choice for professionals.

Toshiba is a name you might not have imagined to see.

This Japanese company has been producing electronic equipment for many decades. However, not many people know that they also make computers. They are the inventors of the laptop, and they continue to revolutionize markets with their high-quality equipment.

It is rare to find Toshiba computers in Asia, but they are very popular there. This makes them the 6th most-sold computer brand worldwide.

Samsung has more to offer than just good phones

The company is located in South Korea and is the largest in the smartphone market. This same quality has been applied to their mobile devices, including a line that manufactures tablets, chromebooks, and laptops.

It is interesting to note that Samsung, which was established in 1938, had no connection with technology equipment. The company was devoted to the production and trade of fish, vegetables, and fruits.

We see Asus laptops everywhere.

Although it is not the most well-known or best-selling brand of computer, many people have an Asus laptop. This brand is most prominent in the laptops section on many electronic equipment websites. It is loved by everyone because of its value for money.

People who had worked for Acer before starting the company were involved in its founding. Named after the Greek winged horse Pegasus, the name is a combination of the founders’ intention to be among the first alphabetically.

Alienware is the gaming machine

This computer brand is the most recent, and has a particular goal: video games. It was purchased by Dell in 2006. However, it is still a subsidiary that has its own autonomy.

Although they aren’t very popular due to their low price, the target audience is always in search of a way to purchase one. Alienware computers are designed to run the most popular video games. They don’t care about portability, but the equipment’s power.

The designs are very colorful and give it an original look. They also sell gaming tools, including keyboards, mice, and chairs. And they keep these attractive designs.

Branding isn’t everything

While it is obvious that this is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a computer, it isn’t the only one. To ensure we buy the best computer for our needs, there are many other factors we need to consider

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