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Why You Should Take Care Of Your Fingerprint

The digital footprint, has been increasing due to technological advancements in recent decades. Do you understand what it all means? And how important it is to properly manage it? Below, we explain.

What’s the fingerprint?

Experts refer to the fingerprint as the Internet trace that we leave behind when we use the Internet. It could be described as a collection information about the person based on their online behavior, such as what they post, what they search for and where they do it.

All comments and posts on blogs, websites, and social networks, as well as use of apps, emails records, and purchases, are part of an individual’s online history. It is possible for others to see or store this information in a database.

What dangers is it entails and why should you care for your fingerprint?

Forums, blogs, and websites have all become popular forms of communication that we couldn’t even imagine until recent times. The rise and expansion of social networking has been a significant factor in increasing information about Internet users. Today, who doesn’t have a profile on Facebook or Instagram?

Each network’s privacy policies tries to convince us that we, the users, have complete control over what is made public and what is private. The truth is that the Internet is interconnected. There are records of all information that has been shared, stored and published. Even if photos or posts are deleted, service providers can still access this information. Therefore, it is important to think carefully before publishing: who, what, and where can access this information. Also, you need to set the privacy settings for your networks.

Experts predict that smartphones will become the main gateway to personal data in the future. They store photos and contact lists as well as documents and passwords. These data can be very important and private.

All of the above is why it is important to keep a positive footprint and maintain it over time. Anyone can access all information about any person in the network with ease.

Can you erase your fingerprint?

It is almost impossible to delete a fingerprint at the user level. This is because, as we mentioned, even though we delete content we don’t want to be part of the network, there will always be records. We can only use the networks correctly and be aware that all information published on the Internet will be available for many years, even if we delete it.

It is true, however, that there are professionals and tools available to help with this difficult task. MGS Seguros has provided a digital erasure service to funeral insurance clients. This allows you to request that the Internet erase your fingerprints in the event of death.

This new service will allow MGS policyholders’ families to exercise their right of forgetting and protect their privacy, intimacy, and reputation. It will also remove any trace left on social networks, blogs, websites, and email accounts that may contain personal information. Personal. You may also request the deletion of files, data, and programs from devices.

The new service, which is completely free for MGS Profamilia’s insured, is available to all.

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